Sundarakandam in 2 pages

Sundarakandam is the portion in Ramayanam, which describes the journey of Hanuman to Lanka , meeting with sita, coming back and explaining Sitas situation to Rama.
In the following lines, im trying to condense the whole of sundaragandam in 2 pages.


The destroyer of enemies, Hanuman started in search of Sita. He looked like a fusion of Ox, Lion and Elephant.  Facing the east direction, he told his prayers to his father Vayu Bhagvan(Wind God), to Lord Brahma(the creator of human beings), Lord Surya ( the Sun), to Ram-Lakshman, and circumambulated once. He bid good bye to all of his troops and prepared to start.

He kept his backfoot firm on the mountain and pressed it hard to start . The entire mountain trembled. Gods, Devas and Sidhas in heaven, saw Hanuman with awe.

Hanuman addressed the troops “I will go to Lanka. If I don’t see mother Sita, I will go to heaven in search of her. If I cant find her there too, I will chain Ravana and drag him here. Else I will uproot the entire Lanka and bring it here “
Hanuman flew over the Ocean . He came across Maingam mountain which surfaced from the sea. Initially he thought it is an obstacle and tried crushing it. however Maingam mentioned that he is indebted to Rama and also indebted to Vayu bhagwan and he rose out of the sea out of his own will and the request of the Lord of the ocean , to provide some resting place for Hanuman.

then bidding goodbye to Mainagam, Hanuman continued his journey. He met the queen of snakes Surasai who obstructed hanuman and mentioned that she wants to eat him. Hanuman mentioned that he will finish the work assigned to him by Rama and come and present himself as food. Surasai rejected that idea. immediately Hanuman increased his size and suddenly reduced it and enterred surasais mouth and came out. Surasai appreciated his intelligence and wished him success in his endeavour.

As Hanuman continued his journey he was stopped by the demon simhigai. In the fight that followed Hanuman killed simhigai and continued his journey to Lanka. Before sunset he reached Lanka. There he was spell bound by the architecture and beauty of the city as seen from outside the walls of the city. He realised that it is heavily guarded and pondered the best approach to getin and search for Sita. He took a tiny form and entered the city in the night. However he was obstructed by the Women guard of Lanka. He won over her and proceed inside in search of Sita.
Hanuman came  across the beautiful palaces and saw the happy mood of people of Lanka. finally he came to the palace of ravana and was wonder struck with the beauty . He also saw the Pushpak Vimana, which can travel at the speed of Light. Ravana defeated Lord Kubera and got that pushpak vimana. Hanuman saw the opulence and the surplus food and wine spread across. he slowly entered the sleeping place of Ravana. There he saw many beautiful women tired and sleeping around Ravana. he admired that place and he saw the majesty of Ravana lying down there.  then wehn he moved out of the place he saw a beautiful woman in a separate bed and assumed that she is Sita. However on further introspection he realised Sita,known for her chastity, would not have decorated herself and be in Ravanas palace.

By now he had searched most of the places and he could not find Sita. Hanuman was worried and upset and he wondered what would he reply to Rama or Sukreeva. When he contemplated suicide he saw the Ashoka garden and realised he had not searched Sita there. So he went there and saw a beautiful woman sitting under the simshuba tree with ditry clothes and uninterrupted tears in her eyes as if she is missing some of her relative. Also around her were ogre women in ugly and scary forms. Hanuman came to a conclusion that she should be Sita. As he was thinking , sitting behind a tree, he  saw Ravana entering that garden along with his wives. He was majesty and prideness personified. He came and asked sita to oblige but Sita gave advised him taht this is wrong and she would never forget Rama and go with Ravana. Ravana, furious hearing this words, ordered the ogre woman to make sure Sita obliges soon and do whatever they could.

The Ogre woman threatened Sita  and mentioned  that they would eat her. However, Trijadai , the daughter of Vibheeshnan, told that they should not torture Sita  but ask ehr forgiveness , because per her dream, Rama will come to Lanka and take Sita safely. while Ravana and his fellows faces destruction. Meantime, Sita overwhelemed with all these words, decided to kill herself and went near the tree where Hanuman is hiding. She decided to hang herself in that tree. Hanuman realising the need of the situation, interrupted Sita and narrated the story of Rama. Hearing the words about her husband Rama, Sita stopped herself and looked around to find who is the owner of the voice. She saw hanuman. She had doubts that this is Ravana in disguise. However Hanuman allayed her fears and doubts by narrating the full story of Rama , Lakshmana and also gave her the signet ring that Rama wore as a proof. Seeing that Sita broke in to tears. Then Sita narrated some of the stories about herself and Rama that hanuman can go and tell to Rama as a proof that he met Sita. Also she gave her Sudamani jewel to him. Sita mentioned that she would wait for Rama to come and rescue her for 1 more month else will kill herself. She also mentioned that Rama rescuing her is the just thing to do and she resisted the option of going with Hanuman at that moment, as that would bring in ill fame to Rama.

Hanuman, decided to test the strength of the Ravanas army and destroyed the ashoka garden. hearing this Ravana sent various men including, Jambumali, akshakumaran, 5 sons of ministers, army chiefs, all of whom were killed by Hanuman. However Ravanas son Indrajit used Brahmastram and tied Hanuman. Hanuman was taken to Ravanas palace, where Hanuman narrated who he was and advised Ravana to release sita else he seeks destruction. Ravana was angered by the words of Hanuman and ordered to kill him. however in the interruption of vibheshana, he reduced that sentence and mentioned that Hanumans tail be burnt with fire. When fire was lit in Hanumans tail and was taken around the city, Hanuman escaped from his guards killed them and then torched the entire lanka . all of lanka burnt to ashes. Suddenly the fear that sita might have died in the fire gripped hanuma. However, trusting that her chastity would save her and also hearing the angels mentioning her wellness, he went to Sita and bid good bye to her in person.

Hanuman, flew across the oceanand came back to his place, where his clan and friends were happy to welcome him. They heard all the happenings and were more than happy. They suggested that they should go fight the ravana and bring sita to Rama immediately. However Hanuman mentioned that Sita wanted Rama to rescue her and anything otherwise would bring in illfame to Rama.

Everyone agreed and they celebrated this  by getting into a grape garden of Sukreevan and drinking honey and wine and int he process destroying the whole garden. The guard of that place was beaten and he complained to sukreevan. Realising that the soldiers are celebrating the victory sukreevan asked the guard to pardon them and asked him to convey the message that everyone should see him immediately.

Hanuman and other vanaras went to Sukreevan, Rama and Lakshmana and conveyed all the happenings in Lanka and hanuman handed over the Sudamani to Rama.  Rama conveyed Sitas message that she will remain alive only for one more month. Rama was happy to hear that Sita is safe and he readied himself to go for the war.


Thus Sundara kandam ends and Yudha gandam begins.

To read about Ramar Pattabhishekam (coronation ) see and

                                                                          pattabhishekam sri-rama-pattabhishekam-1


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