Chapter 56 – Hanuman bidding good bye to Sita.

Hanuman met Sita who was seated near the same Simsubha tree. He went and prostrated in front of  her. He expressed that he is relieved and it is his luck that he get to meet Sita safe even after the entire Lanka is destroyed.

Sita thought that, Hanuman having destroyed the entire Lanka by himself, is highly capable of destroying all demons and taking her away. He might even suggest Rama that he himself will bring her. However that would not be good for Ramas honour. She said “ Hanuman! you are capable of saving me all alone. However in Ramas honour I would like him and Lakshman to come, destroy the demons and take me away”

Hanuman guaranteed that Ram and Lakshman will come and destroy all the demons and save her. With the happiness that his purpose of visiting Lanka is served, he decided to start to meet Rama. He prayed Rama for the return journey to be without obstacles . He went on top of a hill called Arishtam which is enriched with nature. When he pressed his feet to start , the Hill got immersed into the soil below. Lions roared. Snakes coiled around. and Hanuman started flying.


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