Rishi Vasishtar, the guru of Ishvagu clan, calmed himself  and made Ram and Sita sit in the throne decorated by Diamonds and Gems.  Then the eight Mahatmas Vasishtar, Vamadevar, Jabali, Kasyapa, Kathyanatha, suyagna, Gowthama, Vijaya chanted all Mantras and conducted pattabhishekam with all the holy water from Rivers. After that everyone started celebrating.

In the Sky all Devas stood and celebrated happily. Chatruknan held the white umbrella. Wind God came with a garland with Golden lotus petals and a pearl necklace with gems and diamond. The scent of flowers spread across. Ram donated a lot of cows, Oxes, Horses, 30 crore golden coins to the Brahmins and the people of other cast.

He gave a golden garland to Sukrivan. He gave two golden Shoulder straps to Angad. He gave a pearl garland decorated with diamonds and gems to Sita. Sita gave holy clothes, ornaments to Hanuman , understanding Ramas intention. She then took another garland from her neck. Ram told her to give that to anyone whom she likes the most and who has got high valour. She immediately gave it to Hanuman. Ram gave ornaments and clothes to other vanaras. Vanaras delighted to have seen Rams Coronation , bid good bye and left to Kishkinta. Vibheeshana left to Lanka and ruled Lanka according to the rules of righteousness.

Ram asked Lakshmana to be a prince. However since Lakshman did not accept it, Bharathan was made the Prince. Emperor Ram conducted a lot of Yagas, includeing Asuvamedham, Poundareegam and he worshipped all the angels.

Lord Ram  ruled the world for 11 years after that. During his rule the words ‘Ram, Ram, Ram’ resonated everywhere., Women remained Sumangalis (Their husbands did not die). There were no diseases, no deaths or no theft. Rains showered at right times and prosperity was seen everywhere. People followed the paths of righteousness and honesty and never deviated from it.


Thus whoever reads this epic created by Valmiki, gets wealth, prosperity, fame, victory. Reading Ramayana makes Devas happy. Whoever writes this Ramayana will live in heaven forever.