Dadimukha bid good bye to Sukriva, Ram and Lakshman after prostrating to them. He went to the Maduvana and met angada. He told “ Do not feel bad about the guards stopping you. This is your garden. I have informed your return to Sukriva and they are happy. They are waiting to see you soon”

Angada asked other vanaras to prepare to meet Sukriva. All the vanaras started towards Sukrivas place. in the mean time Sukriva was consoling Rama that Angada would not come and meet him if there is not a success. Also he expressed that Hanumans Planning is meticulous and anything that he plans is always successful.

Hanuman, angada and other vanaras came to that place and prostrated before ram and Lakshman. Hanuman told “ Met Sita, the Chaste and Virtuous one” . Ram and Lakshman were delighted to have confirmed the news . He looked at Hanuman with affection.