Seeing Dadimukha in such a state, Sukriva enquired him as to what happened. Dadimukha explianed all that  the Vanaras did and the fact that the entire Madhuvana is spoiled. Also he told how Vanaras behaved badly with his guards by beating / thrashing them.

Lakshman who was hearing this asked Sukrivan about dadimukha and what he is telling. Sukrivan told Lakshmana “ Dadimukha oversees Maduvana and seems Vanaras are back and they are celebrating in the garden and thus caused destruction there.  The fact that they are celebrating means, the purpose is attained and Sita is found. Else they wont enter Maduvana. Also Hanuman is the person who has accomplished this. whichever army has Jambavan as minister, Angada as army chief , Hanuman as counsel that army always wins “

HEaring all this both Ram and Laskhman became extremely delighted. They said that they are looking forward to meet Hanuman and other Vanaras.

Sukrivan explained to Dadhimukha that he condones the behavior of Vanaras this time , as they have returned successful and have accomplished something that is so tough to do. He asked Dadimukha to ask Vanaras to come and meet him, Ram and Lakshman