Hanuman Mentioned “ Hearing all these you might think, if we can go and destroy Ravana and bring Sita. Inspite of touching such a chaste and Virtuous Sita, Ravana is alive because of all the good things that he has done and his penance. This does not mean Sita is not powerful. She can burn Ravana and his entire dynasty. However she does not want to do anything without the consent from Rama. Also she feels that Ram and Lakshman coming and saving her would be the right thing to do and will add to Rams worldly honour”

“I alone could create so much damage in Lanka. if I join you all, we can destroy the entire Lanka. However that is not what Sita Wants. “

Hanuman described the state of  Sita, being lean, wearing the old clothes and her continuous chanting of ‘Sri Ram ‘ . Also he described about how the cruel ogre women threaten her and the time limit that she had mentioned.