All Vanaras were excited and they enquired Hanuman about the wellness of Sita, her state, the journey to Lanka etc.,

Hanuman started narrating it from the start. He narrated the following things (These have been discussed in detail in previous chapters)

1. Meeting with MainNaga Mountain

2. Meeting with the mother of all snakes Surasai’

3. Killing of the ogre women simhigai.

4. Meeting with the Lanka angel and the fight with her’

5. His search of Sita in Ravana and other palaces

6. Finding Sita under Simsuba tree in Ashoka garden

7. His conversation with Sita

8. Ravanas conversation with Sita and her reply back

9. Destruction of Ashoka Garden

10. Fight with demons and killing them

11. His Meeting with Ravana after being tied by brahmastra

12. His tail being torched

13. His act of burning the entire Lanka

14. Finding Sita safe inspite of the fact the entire Lanka is burnt.

15. His return back