Hanuman started going in the Ocean called Sea. He was going at the speed of the wind without any tiredness. He looked like the one who can swallow the entire sky, the one who will rub the sun and the moon, the one who will rob the sky of the stars, the one who will attract the cloud. He looked like a shining full Moon among the clouds, looked like a Vulture in the sky. Having completed the activity successfully he was roaring happily. As soon as he saw the Mahendra Mountains, he was extremely happy and he roared that echoed in all directions. his Roaring sound was so strong that it looked that sky will fall apart.

Hearing the sounds, Vanaras prepared to receive him. Jambavan called all vanaras and told them that hearing Hanuman roaring happily it is sure that he has met Sita. Else he wont appear so happy. They waited for him to come. All the vanaras started jumping across trees and mountains in happiness and they were trying to signal Hanuman by waving the trees.

Hanuman Jumped on a water fall ane all vanaras encircled him. Vanaras served him fruits and vegetables. Hanuman, prostrated the elders, prince Angathan, Jambavan and said “Met Sita”. He narrated everything that he saw near sita, the fact that ogre women guarding her very rigorously. and how Sita is expecting Ram , lakshman to come there and save her.

Angathan was very appreciative of Hanuman and he said that Ram will be extremely happy to hear the good news.