After seeing the entire Lanka burning and giving a look like a burial ground, Suddenly it struck Maruti(Hanuman) that how will Sita survive when the whole of Lanka is destroyed. He started thinking “ What a sinful act has been done by me. I have given leeway to my anger. Blessed are those who could control their rising fury , like water suppresses the growing fire. An enraged person will commit all sins. “

“The purpose of my visit is spoilt. Surely Sita must be killed too. How will I go and meet Sukreeva. Hearing this Rama and Lakshman will die. Sukreeva and entire Vanaras will die. Hearing the death of Rama, Bharathan and the entire Ishvagu empire will die. then there will not be any one who could save the human beings. Thus the entire world is going to come to an end and I have become a cause for that.”

“Everyone will say that I have behaved like an ape , that is the nature of all apes. I m no more fit to be alive. How should I die. Should I fall in the burning fire? Should I jump in the ocean and become food for the Sea lives.”

As he was thinking like this, Hanuman came across some good omens

“How will Sita die. Her Chastity will save her. Only because of her prayers Fire did not hurt me. In that case how will the fire hurt her. How will it hurt the wife of Sita. She is capable of destroying the fire with her chaste. “

He heard the words of heavenly bards (charanas).” How strange is it, Hanuman has destroyed the entire Lanka. Everywhere , all the woman, children are running out. all that is heard is hues and cries of people all around. However, nothing happened to the place where Sita is seated.