Hearing the words of Vibheeshana Ravana started thinking deepl . He said , the most liked part by a monkey is its tail. Lets burn that. He ordered that fire be put on hanumans tail and he be dragged across the City.

Demons started tying cotton to Hanumans tail. Hanuman was not scared. He wondered that probably everything is happening for his good. He said even in the tied state no one can be equivalent to him. Demons ignighted Hanumans tail and everyone gathered there to see Hanuman laughing. Hanuman grew in size . He thought to himself probably he has to see lanka one another time during daytime. He was dragged by the demons across the streets. He observed the nicely organised streets.

Meantime, people told Sita that the monkey who was speaking to her has its tail in fire and is being dragged in the streets. Sita immediately played the fire God to be kind to Hanuman. Hanuman was wondering why Fire is not burning him but is in tolerable limits. Then he realised that it would be probably because of Ramas blessing, Sitas wishes, and his father Wind Gods relationship with the fire god.

At one place, he started shrinking in size so that all the knots on him became loose and fell of and he became free. He started wondering what to do next?