Hanuman was enraged and wondering ,” I thought after killing everyone Ravana will come by himself to my place. But he has not moved form his throne and he got me to his place.”

He thought about the evils that Ravana has done and the tortures that he has given to Sita and got furious about it. He stared at Ravana with his Sharp eyes. Ravana wore costliest of the ornaments. He wore the gireeda (Cap) on his head which was in gold embedded with diamonds and precious stones. He was wearing pearl necklace that decorated his neck and bossom. Ravana looked cruelsome with his 20 eyes which were red in color, protruding lips and sharp teeth.

He was seated in a throne made of elephant tusk embedded with gems and stones. He was surrounded by his counsel of ministers who are very intelligent and always think about what is good for Ravana. Durdhara, Prahasta, Mahaparshva and Nikumbha are the ministers who were seated around him.

Hanuman looked at Ravana with awe. He admired his strength, presence, valour and the majesty . He wondered if he follows good ways he is capable of saving Indira and Devas. He is capable of ruling all the worlds. However he is cruel and he is ruling Asuras and he is being feared by all.