Furious about his son Akshakumara being killed by Hanuman, Ravana looked at his Son Indrajit.

He spoke to Indrajit “ You are the most powerful. You have excellent command over the mystic missiles. You are guarded by your  most austere penance and the power. your prowess has no equivalent in the world. you have acquired powerful mystic missiles by propitiating Brahma. You have excellent knowledge about the Asthras / Weapons and you know the right time to use them. I need not worry when you are there who can win battles”

He continued “ My beloved son Aksha kumara is killed, the Army chiefs, Minister Sons , Kinkaras all are killed by that mighty vanara. Analyse the strength and weakness of the enemy when you fight. Do not assume that taking a big army with you will win you the battle. He will jump and kill all of them in a single stroke. Don’t think that you can use Vajrayutha and hit him. He is so big and he will thrash you before that. Don’t assume you can punch him with your fists when he is near you and kill him. He is more faster than the wind god. Only the power of the arrows that you have got and the knowledge of when to use the  most powerful arrows that you have got by severe penance will help you win this battle. Think and act and win this for me.”

” If you wonder, why im not going to fight with Hanuman myself, its not according to the principles of the Kingdom for the King to go before sending his army”

Indrajit, listening to his fathers words, acknowledged them, felt happy about going to the battle.  He went around his father and prostrated before him . Then he jumped on to his Chariot and went towards the place where Hanuma is stationed. HEaring the rattling sound of his chariot and the twang of his bow, Hanuma felt excited and roared in excitement.

Hanuman took the largest form possible and kept growing. Indrajit, started raining arrows on Hanuman and Hanuman skillfully avoided them and shielded himself from the arrows. Indrajit was confused about the mysterious skills of Hanuman. He started using the powerful arrows but still Hanuman escaped from them. Then Indrajit decided that its time to use Brahmastra and make Hanuman unconscious. He used brahmastra on Hanuman and Hanuman got tied by the powers of Brahmastra and fell to the ground.

Hanuman remembered the boon given by Lord Brahma to him. That the brahmastra will not harm him and he will be motionless only for a few hours and he will be liberated from it soon. Hanuman decided to obey Brahmas orders and laid motionless. He was not afraid or worried as he knew that he is protected by Brahma, Wind God and Indira.

Indrajit was happy. Immediately the Demonds started tying Hanuman with ropes . Since Brahmastra becomes ineffective the moment some other bondage is done, the effect of Brahmastra is gone. Still Hanuman continued to stay motionless as if he is bonded by Brahmastra. Indrajit was very upset about the foolish act by the demons to have made the Brahmastra ineffective. 

They dragged Hanuman to Ravanas palace. Indrajit , was wondering why is that the Hanuman is acting. probably he might jump and destroy everyone suddenly. In the palace Indrajit , told Ravana that this is the Vanara that has been cause of much of the destruction. Immediately Ravana asked his ministers to enquire Hanuman.