Hearing the death of the army chiefs, Ravana was frightened. He looked at his son Aksha Kumara. Aksha Kumara understood the intention, and started towards Ashoka Garden to fight Hanuman. He went in a chariot with 8 horses fully loaded with weapons.

Seeing Aksha Kumara, Hanuman was excited and happy to fight with him . Aksha Kumara immediately jumped on Hanuman and both of the wrestled. It created bigger noise and destruction around. Hanuman started emitting hot rays from his eyes which Aksha Kumara could not withstand and he got down. Aksha Kumara started raining arrows on Hanuman. Hanuman rose up above in the sky and started playing the hide and seek game. Hanuman decided to destroy Aksha Kumara. He started thinking how to do it. Then he thrashed the horses and thus the chariot lost its balance and crashed to the ground. However Aksha Kumara rose up to the sky too and started fighting with Hanuman running around here and there. Hanuman held him between his legs and thrashed him to the ground. Thus Aksha kumara died.

Ravana was shaken hearing this and he was wondering what next to do.