Hearing the death of the 7 sons of ministers Ravana , though worried, concealed it and called his foremost army chiefts Virupaksha, Yupaksha, Durdhara, Praghasa and Bhasakarna and asked them to go , control Hanuman and bring him.

He said “ I did not expect that this Vanara will be so powerful.  I under estimated it. I think either Indira or someone has created this creature to take revenge of us. I have seen the mighty vanaras like Vaali, sukreeva, Jambava, Nila, Dwividha, but Hanuman is showing more presence, radiance, skills, valor, intelligence and also has the ability to take the form that it needs. Go an dact intelligently and arrest this Vanara”

All the five went near Hanuman and started attacking him Durdara aimed at Hanumans Head. Hanuman, rose up above in the sky and made the aim go waste. He kept defending against all the weapons and arrows sent by durdara. then he roared and jumped on the enemys chariot. Duradara got crushed and died there.

Enraged by seeing Durdara getting killed, virupaksha and Yupaksha started attacking Hanuman with their clubs in the hand. Hanuman, uprooted a sal tree  and beat those two to death. Seeing this Praghasa jumped on Hanuman and started attacking him vigorously. From one corner, Bhaskarna used a dart to hurt hanuman. Praghasa used a spear to attack Hanuman. Hanuman was injured and blood was flowing from his body covered with hairs. He took a portion of mountain having creepers, trees, snakes etc and crashed it on two of them. Both of them died.

Thus all the army chiefs were dead and the entire place was filled with blood, dead bodies, broken chariots.