Ravana, furious about what Hanuman has done to Kinkaras, Sends the powerful Jambumali, the Son of Prahastha. Jambumali armed with weapons started towards Ashoka garden. He has tusk like teeth. The twangling of his bow created a thunder like Noise. Seeing Jambumali, Hanuman got happy and thought he could fight with him for a while. Jambumali as he entered Ashoka garden, transfixed arrows into Hanuman.


Hanumans face , arms were shedding blood and he was furious. His appeared as if its  a red lotus. Hanuman, saw around and took a big rock and threw at Jambumali. Jambumali broke it into pieces with 10 arrows. Then Hanuman was upset that his intention failed. He uprooted a tree and threw at Jambumali. Again Jambumali shredded it into pieces with his arrows.

Hanuman was looking around. In the meantime, Jambumali transfixed more arrows into Hanumans body , his chest, his arms and blood was flowing from Hanumans body.

Hanuman saw the Iron rod and he took it and used his full force and whirled it and threw it at Jambumali. No one can match the speed and force of Hanuman and after that neither Jambumalis arrows, head, arms, his chariot are to be seen. Jambumali broke into pieces and got crushed to earth.

Hearing this Ravana got enraged and ordered the sons of ministers to go to battle with Hanuman