After Killing Kinkaras, Hanuman started thinking that he has destroyed the garden, killed the Ravanas favorite soldiers kinkaras and now its time for him to destroy the palatial mansion. After thinking like this, He jumped on the roof of the mansion and started growing in size. He grew to his full size and clapped his arms that made the entire Lanka shiver in sound.

He said “ Long live Rama! Who can match his Archery skills and Long live the powerful Lakshmana! Long live Sukreeva the Vanara king. Im Hanuman, the destroyer of army and  the son of Wind god. Im the servant and messenger of Rama. Even thousands of ravana will not be equivalent to me. I will destroy this city, salute Sita and go back”.

After saying this, he uprooted a pillar in the hall which was highly decorated with gold and precious stones and whirled it around. It hit the other pillars and fire was generated. It smashed down all the structures and other demons there. The mansion started burning and slowly came down.

Seeing this Hanuman said “ thousands of vanaras , with powerful teeth and nails will come and destroy Lanka. They will kill all the demons. Sukreeva , Rama and Lakshmana will come and they will destroy this city of Lanka. Even Ravana will not survive “