Hearing the sounds of the destruction being done by Hanuman, the people of lanka got terrified. The female demons who were sleeping awoke and were terrified. Hanuman, took his full form, grew up in his size and scared the female demons. They started enquiring Sita about who this is.

Sita acted as if she does not know about him and she said that she does not want to interfere in the issues of demons who can take the form they like and probably this is one another demon who has taken this form. She expressed that she herself is worried about Hanuman and does not know about him.

Some of them went to Ravana and complained to him about Hanuman and the destruction that has been done to Ashoka garden and Ravanas private garden there. They told Ravana that Sita was seen speaking to Hanuman but she is not ready to reveal anything about him. Also they raised a doubt that probably He is a messenger sent by Rama. They told that all of Ashoka garden is destroyed except for the tree under which Sita sat and it is left untouched.

Ravana became furious and asked his soldiers, who are equivalent to him in courage , skill and valor called ‘Kinkaras’ and asked them to go and capture Hanuman. When these Kinkaras entered ashoka garden they encircled Hanuman . .

Hanuman said “ Im Hanuman. the messenger of Rama. Sukriva, the king of Vanaras has got all the blessings of Rama and Lakshmana . I will fight all of you and will destroy this place , salute Sita and go back to Rama”.

After this Hanuman took his full form and was wondering how long to fight with them. Seeing this Kinkaras were frightened. Then he uprooted an Iron rod from the arched gate and whirled it around thereby hitting the kinkaras. This killed Kinkaras.

Some people who escaped Hanumans fury ran to Ravana and informed him about what has happened to Kinkaras in Ashoka garden