After consoling Sita, Hanuman decided to start his journey back happily. ” I have seen Sita. There is only little more that I have to do.  I have to find out more about Ravana and his strength. Of the four strategies for success , I have to use the strategy of Open Assault. However is it righteous to do things beyond finding Sita. Sukriva had asked for information about Sita only. But he who achieves the secondary tasks without harming the primary task is the one who can achieve success. What will I tell if sukriva asks about Ravana or other demons. Generally elders say that you should not resort to battle , because success is not guaranteed. However I should rely on my strength and resort to a open fight. “

After thinking like this, Hanuman started thinking how to start the fight. What would instigate the demons for the fight. he thought “This Ashoka garden is very dear to Ravana. If I destroy this, he will order his soldiers to capture and kill me. I will be able to fight all of them and also meet Ravana and  his ministers. After meeting them, I can go back happily, with full knowledge about Ravana and his strength”

Thinking like this Hanuman started breaking down the trees,crushed the flowers, broke the lotus ponds and made the entire garden look like it is burnt. Flowers were crushed, lotus were on the ground, creepers were all over the ground without any tree support and the whole Ashoka garden looked disastrous.

Then Hanuman went to the entrance of Ashoka garden and waited there for the soldiers to come