Sita told Hanuman “ I have enjoyed all comforts along with Rama and then pushed into a lot of troubles now and when I decided to kill myself I met you. Pls remind him about the kagasuran incident where he injured one eye of the crow and also remind him about another incident when he used a flag to replace the tilak in my face”.

“ I could not understand how Rama is tolerating my absence. Whenever I missed him, I Used to see this jewel of head and felt happy as if I have seen Rama alive. Now im giving it away to you to remind him about me. I live with the hope that he will destroy the enemies. I will wait and keep myself alive for only one more month. If I get to know that his arrival gets delayed I will not continue to live. So its your imperative to make Rama come here soon”

Hanuman replied “ Mother Sita. Rama is undergoing extreme misery without your presence. Seeing Rama in this state Lakshmana is in deep sorrow. They will come here soon annihilate Ravana and other demons and save you soon. Trust me. I have reached here and found you after a lot of troubles. That itself should indicate good omens for you. Once I go back immediately they will come. Tell me any other symbol that I can tell Rama”

Sita replied that the jewel of the Head that she gave is good enough to remind Rama about her and to assure him of her existence . She started worrying that she has to part away from the Jewel of Head that she protected so much and also she has to bid farewell to Hanuman. She asked Hanuman to make sure that Rama and Lakshmana comes to Lanka soon and save her.

Hanuman , after reassuring Sita, felt happy and got himself ready to start. However, he felt that there is something incomplete and he moved towards north and started thinking about it.