After giving the Jewel for head, Sita said :” Anjaneya! Rama knows this symbol very well. During Marriage, my mother asked my father and gave this to Dasaratha. Seeing this he will remember all 3 of us. You have to act more enthusiastically in this regard. Do not rest thinking that your work is done after conveying my existence to Rama. Do everything that you can to wipe of my sorrows.”

She continued with tears in her eyes :” Convey my regards to Rama, Lakshmana , Sukriva and other members of Vanara Family.  Please ask Rama, to come and save me before I pass away. Please encourage Rama to come and save me soon. Rama is the one who is the saviour of all living beings. He cannot tolerate others in trouble and atleast for that sake he will come and save. your enthusiastic words to Rama, will ensure that he comes here fast before I pass away “.

Hanuman , Prostrated before Sita, with both his hands above his head and replied “ Mother Sita, Rama will come here soon and take you along with him. He will win over the enemeies and destroy Ravana and his clan. When Rama uses Bows and Arrows , is there anyone in this world who is capable of fighting against him. He is worthwhile to govern this entire world surrounded by water”.

After saying this, Hanuman started preparing himself to leave. Sita felt sad and felt it would be mentally soothing and comfortable for her if Hanuman stays here for a while . She said “ Hanuman! if you are tired, you can stay here in a place where it is safe to hide atleast one more day. I will also feel comfortable because of your presence here. Till I met you, I was deeply immersed in sorrows. now once you leave , the sadness will become more intense”

She Continued “However I have one question in my mind. How will other vanara Soldiers, Rama, Lakshmana come here crossing the Sea. Only the Wind God, Vulrture and you are capable of crossing this Sea.  I know that you are capable of fighting all the demons here, and take me along with you to Rama. However, only if Rama comes, defeats the demons and Ravana and take me along with him, it will be presitgious and worthy to me. And it will add more fame and prestige to Rama. For that reason, you act in such a way that Rama exhibit the prowess befitting him “.


Hanuman Replied to Sita “ Mother Sita. There are equivalent or more powerful soldiers among vanaras compared to me.They will jump over the sea in a single leap. I will carry Rama and lakshmana in my back and they will come here and start raining arrows on the Lanka City and destroy the enemies. You are going to join Rama and remain happy. Very soon you will see all Vanaras who use their nails  and teeths as weapons come here and destroy the enemies. The way Sachi Devi has Indira as husband you have Rama as husband and you will reunite soon. Who is capable of fighting with Rama and Lakshmana here? Rama and Lakshmana are like Fire and wind and are very supportive to you.Please bee patient till I meet Rama once I go back”