Hearing the words of Sita , Hanuman said that he made the request of taking her away only with a good intent of giving freedom to her instantly. And the fact that she prefers to come along with Rama is good. Hanuman asked Sita to give him a token of remembrance so that he can convince Rama that he met with Sita

Sita narrated the story of Kakasura to Hanuman: “When me and Rama was there in the Chithirakooda Mountain ranges , one day me and Rama were strolling there. A crow yearning for Meat, began to peck me. I was chasing it and my saree started to slide and Rama saw that. Inspite of chasing the crow did not go anywhere and it was hiding somewhere there. I became tired and rested my head on Ramas lap and started sleeping and even Rama closed his eyes. That time the crow came and pecked my chest and I screamed. seeing the blood stained nails of the Crow, Rama was very angry. He took a Kusa grass and mumered the Brahmastra mantra and threw the grass on the Crow. It started chasing the Crow and the crow ran everywhere and finally came to Rama and surrendered. Since the brahmastra cannot be taken back, Rama said, it will hit the eyes of the crow and will just wound one part of the body. The crow lost its eyesight”

Meantime Sita started worrying about herself and worried if Rama and Lakshmana will come and save her. Hanuman gave her the confidence that Rama and Lakshmana will come and save her. Sita, untied a jewel that she wore in the head and she gave the divine jewel to Hanuman and asked him to go and give it to Rama as a token of remembrance. Hanuman was delighted to receive that. and was all set to cross the ocean for the return journey