Sita felt very happy hearing that Rama is going to come. at the same time she felt very sad on hearing that Rama is going through a miserable phase in the thought of Sita and he is struggling. She wondered when he will come and save her. When he will come and destroy Ravana along with his clan. Ravana had given her 12 months time and 10 months were already over. inspite of the fact that Ravana was advised by his brother Vibhishnan , to release Sita, he had no intent of doing it. Sita thought that, definitely Rama will come and save her. Nothing can equal his courage. Nothing can equal his abilities.

Seeing Sita worried Hanuman told “ O! mother Sita. Why are you worried. Definitely Rama will come and save you and take you along. There is no doubt about it. However , if you want to see him immediately, I can carry you on my back. No one will be able to follow me. I can take you safely and leave you to Rama. you can attain the happiness immediately.”

Sita felt that this is weird. She said, “ you are looking very tiny and you think you can carry me. you talk like a monkey “

Hanuman felt embarassed and thought about it. He immediately decided to show his enlarged figure, so that Sita will believe his capabilities. He took Vishwaroop and grew higher and wider . SEeing this Sita was astonished and she told Hanuma that she truly believes his capabilities. Without this kind of capability, no one could enter Lanka so freely and she definitely believes in his ability to carry her along across the 100 Yojana sea.

She continued speaking” However, in the current situation, in the current state of tiredness I might slip and fall down in the middle of the sea and die.. I might not be able to withstand the speed at which you travel. All the demons will start chasing us and I will get frightened. How will you fight with them all alone with no arms. even if you fight, I might fall down that point of time in the sea and become food for sea animals. Or might be they will catch me and hide me somewhere else. or they might kill me. What is the point of you winning after that. “

“In case if you kill all the demons , and take me safely, then it will undermine the ability of Rama . So I would not come along with you. you better go and bring back Rama, Lakshmana and the entire Vanara soldiers and save me then.”

Hanuman thought about this and agreed that he should respect the sentiments of Sita that taking her safe means it would undermine the abilities of Rama.