Hanuman spoke to Sita “ Mother Sita! Im definitely the messenger sent by Rama. To create confidence in you, Rama has given his signet ring to give it to you.” He handed over Ramas ring to Sita.

Sita was overjoyed  seeing the ring and she felt as if she has seen Rama in person. This is the ring that was given during marriage and she remembered all the occasion and the intimacy that they enjoyed. Her face brightened up and she saw Hanuman  and felt embarassed for having thought that he is Ravana in disguise. She felt grateful to Hanuman.

Sita spoke to Hanuman “ Hanuman! Vanara! you are dexterous and skillful. you have crossed the ocean as if it’s a water tank in the cow shed. you do not fear Ravana. If Rama has sent you to me, then you must be extremely skilled and you can talk with me without hesitation.

“Whether Rama is doing good? Whether Lakshmana is doing well? Why is that Rama and Lakshmana has not scorched the entire world because of anger now Don’t they have enough strength to kill all Asuras. Probably the time has not yet come to end my sorrows. Hope Rama has not become lean. is he remaining undepressed. Hope he has not lost his courage. I hope he is doing all things that requires human effort.’

“Hope he is friendly to all his friends. Hope he is showing appropriate enemity and punishes the enemies. Does he earn good friends now? Does he get honored by them? Does he pray all the angels to attain me? Does he make himself worth of the clan deity Narayanas blessings?Hope he has not forgotten me , because im staying away from him. Will he save me soon? He is worth of enjoying all comforts. He is not fit to face obstacles. Hope the news about the well being of Kowsalya, Sumithira, Bharata keep s coming. Hope he is not distracted by other things and he is thinking of me. Will Bharathan send his countless soldiers and army to save me? Will Rama come here with the might Vanara army and save me. Will lakshmana shower arrows on these demons and kill them. Will I soon see Ravana and his relatives dead here. Hope his face has not become pale like a dried up lotus”

“ Does not Rama feel sad about me? I m deeply attached to him and his relatives. I will remain alive only till Rama promises that he will take me along with him”

Hanuman Replied :”O! Mother Sita!.  Rama did not get to know the place where you were hidden till now. That’s why he has sent me. Now that he will get to know, he will come with the army of vanaras and save you. Do not think how everyone will cross the Sea. Rama , with his radiance will dry the ocean water and everyone will cross the sea. He will kill the entire Ravana Clan. He is undergoing extreme depression and sadness. He feels like an elephant being held by a Lion. He just eats boiled vegetables and roots. He does not bother about the pests, small reptiles, mosquitoes that bites him. He keeps murmuring your name. He continues to think that you are in front of him. He does not sleep normally. When he sleeps because of extreme tiredness he keeps thinking of you and murmers your name repeatedly. He is following all his duties and he is doing everything to get you back”

Sita was overjoyed hearing all about Rama at the same time, hearing the misery being undergone by Rama, she was very upset.