Hearing all that spoken by Hanuman, Sita said “ How did you get associated with Rama and Lakshmana. How did the Rama/Lakshmana get acquainted with the Vanara. Could you explain in detail the appearance of Rama?”

Hanuman replied “ Pls stop mistaking me to be Ravana. Trust that im the messenger of Rama. I will try my level best to recollect the appearance of Rama and tell you. Rama is very beautiful. His eyes and lips are very beautiful. He is endowed with grace and beauty. All living beings in this world get attracted to him.”

“He is equivalent to that of Sun in Radiance, to that of Earth in patience, to that of Brahaspati in intelligence, to that of Indira in fame. He is the saviour of all living beings. He makes sure that no harm comes to the person who has come to him. He is the protector of righteousness. He uproots the enemeis. He is the saviour of all the four castes. He is the creator of the proprietary of conduct and he follows them religiously”

“He is worshipped by all. He is highly respected. He is a Chaste person.He respects the saints. He follows all the principles and rules in Morning, afternoon evening and night. He is the master of all the skills of a King. He listens to elders and clarifies his doubts and learns things. He is skilled in Yajur Veda.He is worshipped by people who has learnt all the vedas.”

“He has a broad shoulder and a long arm. He has a shell like neck and  an auspicious face.  His Neckbones are covered by flesh. He has beautiful red eyes. He is built without any unevenness. He is worshipped by all”

“His wrists, Fists and Chest are strong; his eyebrows, arms and foot are long. his knees, foot , hair ends are even; testicles; stomach and chest are elevated; his forehand, foot,eyecorners are red; lines on his soles, hair in the head and tip of his penis is smooth.”

“He has 3 folds in neck and belly. his nipples, soles, lines on the soles are depressed. He  has a foot which does not show off the nerves, hair roots with single hair, small membrame virile, a navel without any flesh and a round head. Has 4 lines below his thumb, 96 inches in height; his thighs, arms, knees and cheeks are even; eyeborws, nose cavities, ears, lips, nipples, knees, wrists, foot, waist, hands, legs, back are even; he has got excellent arrays of teeth with 4 teeths equivalent to that of tusk; has a walk equivalent to that of elephant, lion, bull and tiger. has  red lips; cheeks are fleshy and nose is elevated; hair in the head, eyes, teeth, skin, foot are smooth; has white in his teeth and eyes; his stomach, chest, nose, shoulder, face elevated, head hair, moustache, nails, hairs, skin, thumb, penis are prominent; He has got prominent radiance and he is known for giving things to the needy and other living beings. He is a residentilal place of Lakshmi and wealth”.

“ Lakshmana is born to Sumitharai and has high affection towards Rama and is equivalent to Rama in qualities. When Rama and Lakshmana were coming in search of you, Sukriva (Vanara king) saw them and got frightened. He asked me to go and enquire about them. After getting to know them and convinced that they have not come to harm us, I took them in my back to Sukrivas place. There hearing the story of you being abducted by Ravana, Sukriva and other Vanaras showed some of the jewels that you have thrown away from the sky. Rama saw them and was deeply depressed. I consoled him . Sukriva explained to Rama how Vali has unrighteously took away his kingdom and chased him away from his kingdom. So it was agreed between Rama and Sukriva that Vali would be killed and Vanara would help Rama in search of Sita”

“ Rama killed Vali and gave the kingdom back to Sukriva. After that the vanaras divided into 4 groups and went in search of you. We searched you everywhere and could not find you and we were about to commit suicide. When we were speculating that, we met the Eagle king Sampathi. Sampathis brother was Jadayu who warred with Ravana when he took you and got killed. Sampath got angry and he told us that you are kept in Ravanas palace in Lanka. As we came towards Lanka everyone got disheartened seeing a big Sea. I took incharge of travelling across the sea as im a son of Vayu and travelled 100 yojanas , and came here hiding away from all the Ravanas security guards and searched you in all the places . Im happy to have found you here”

“ Atleast now please trust me. you might have the question of how im born to Vayu but belong to Vanaras. There is a mountain called Malyavan where there is a monkey called Kesari. Kesari went to Gokarna to  kill a demon Shampasadana. In the mean time, im born in the womb of his wife by the grace of the wind God Vayu. As I tried to go and swallow sun thinking that it is a fruit, Indira hit me with his Vajrayutha (Han). That’s why im called Hanuman. Trust me. Rama will come and save you from Ravana. you will get to see Rama  and Lakshmana very soon”

Hearing all these Sita got confidence and her eyes were filled with tears and she was very much delighted.

Hanuman Continued “O Sita, please tell me what I can do for you. Im equivalent to that of Wind god in strength. I m going back now to go and tell Rama and Lakshmana about your presence here.”