Hanuman spoke to sita “Rama is doing well. He conveyed this message to you. Lakshmana , prostrated to you and conveyed his regards to you. Lakshmana is very supportive to Rama and taking care of him well”

Sita was surprised hearing about Rama and lakshmana and said “ What a surprise. The words of elders that if a person can just hang on and continue to live he will get happiness atleast after 100 years, seems to be true”

.Hearing these words, Hanuman came near Sita. Seeing this Sita got terrified and started thinking that it must be the evil Ravana who has come in disguise. She got worried and thought why did she speak so frank to him. She was terrified and became speachless and sat on the ground.

Hanuman understood Sitas worries and he prostrated before her. Sita , seeing Hanuman spoke “ If you are the evil Ravana, and you have come in disguise, then do understand that you are putting me into much grief at this point of time. Im already saddened and hurt and I cant take this. It is not righteous for you to put me into such a grief when im already grief ridden.”

Then Sita started thinking that its not right to doubt this. Seeing a Monkey in a dream is considered inauspicious. however I have heard all good things and this gives comfort to my soul. So this might not be a dream. But how can someone enter the highly secured Ravanas Palace and come and talk to me. If this is a dream, let it be. Atleast I got to hear about Rama after a long time. If this is a dream, if I can see Rama & Lakshmana too then I would be more happy. But even in dream im not getting that happiness. Then She again started feeling that probably Hanuman is Ravana in disguise. She spoke to Hanuman “ You must be Ravana in disguise. If not , describe Ramas qualities”.

Hanuman  hearing these words, started speaking about Rama . “Rama has a radiance equivalent to that of Sun. He  is equivalent to that of moon in giving happines to all living beings. He is comparable to Lord Vishnu in  his valour and comparable to lord Brahaspati in his sweet voice, equivalent to that of Kuberan in being the lord of all kings and wealth. He is very righteous and always speaks truth. He gets angry at the rightplace and right time. No one is above him. When you were in exile, you were abducted by Ravana , in disguise of a golden deer. He has sent me in search of you. Im Sukreevas minister. Rama conveyed his wishes to you. Lakshmana conveyed his salutations to you. Sukreeva conveyed his regards to you. You will soon see Rama with full radiance coming here destroying Ravana and taking you along with him. I have come here to meet you and convey good news to you that Rama and Lakshmana are well and they keep thinking about you and they will come soon here to rescue you. Im not Ravana and please leave that thought. Trust me.”