Hanuman, with coral colored face, came down the tree , bowed to Sita and started speaking

“ O! lady ! with eyes comparable to lotus petals.  you look auspicious and irreprochable. the way you are wearing a torn silken cloth holding this tree , does not suit you. Why are the tears flowing down the eyes, the way the water droplets fall from lotus leaves? do you belong to Devas, Asuras, Kandarvas or Rakshashas. You seem to be a Deva. Are you the Rohini, the beautiful wife of Moon , fallen from the sky? are you Arundhathi , the wife of Vasishtar. Who are you? You do not look like a normal human being. You look like a princess. If you are the Sita, Who was abducted by the demon Ravana, . you are going to get all the comforts and you are going to get all the happiness. please tell me.”

Sita , became very happy, hearing Hanumans words. She started “ Im the wife of Rama, the saviour of the world, the most brave , and the great son of King Dasaratha . Im the Daughter in law of Dasaratha. I lived with Rama, happily for 12 years, enjoying all the comforts, in his palace. When he was about to be coronated as the next king, Kaigeyi, one of the queens of Dasaratha, asked Dasaratha to grant her 2 wishes that he had promised her long back. Based on that She has asked that Rama be not allowed to be coronated as king and he should be sent on exile for 14 years. instead her Son Bharatha be made the king. King Dasaratha, with tears in his eyes conveyed this to Rama. Rama immediately , accepted it, and said that being able to keep up parents promises is more important than being a King and he got ready to go to exile. He asked me to sacrifice the thought of being a queen and live with Kousalya (Ramas mother ) in a simple way. However , what is the point of me living without Rama. Even palace will not give any comforts. So I decided to go along with Rama for Exile. In the mean time, Lakshmana, decided to join us and be with us. We all went on exile and entered the forest which looked very scary and dangerous. When we were living in the forest, Ravana, disguised as a deer came and abducted me. He has given me a deadline of 2 months. after that I will die if Rama does not come and save me.”