Sita saw Hanuman and Hanuman was looking gold color wearing a White colored cloth appearing with radiance. The White colored cloth looked like a thunderbolt. Sita started wondering if what she is having a hallucination or is it true that hanuman is there. Also she started wondering if Monkey can have such a radiance. Sita started crying “O Rama! O Rama ! O Lakshmana! “ and then fell on the floor unconsciously.

When she woke up, she started fearing that She saw the monkey in the dream. Seeing a monkey in the dream is very inauspicious and it means that ones relatives will be destroyed. She started praying that no harm should happen to King Dasaratha, or Rama or Lakshmana or any of her relatives. She started weeping slowly so that ogre women does not hear her. Then she realized that dreams come only when some one is asleep and she was never asleep. Moreover she heard all good things about Rama and probably that means it is true and auspicious.

With so much worries, she started praying Brahaspati, Indira, Brahma that whatever Hanuman said should be true and should not be untrue.