Hanuman started speaking in sweet words. “There was a King called Dasaratha born in Ishvaku dynasty. He is extremely competent in chess. He is highly virtuous and intelligent. He is very honest, compassionate and celebrated by all. He is equivalent to that of saints in penance. He  is equivalent to that of Indira in capabilities. Because of him there is prosperity all around in his kingdom. He is famous across the world. His eldest son goes by the name of Rama. Rama has a face equivalent to that of moon. He is the most competent among the wielders of Bow. He is a destroyer of the enemies, saviour of people who surrender him, saviour of all living beings on earth. He is brave and saviour of righteousness. To help his father keep a promise made earlier, he went on exile along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana. He killed many demons . Being angry with him, Ravana, who has the ability to take a form that he likes, took the form of a deer and abducted Sita.”

“When Rama started searching for Sita, he met the Vanara leader Sukreeva. Sukreeva promised Rama to help him in the search of Sita. Rama killed the most dangerous Vali, whom even Ravana would fear to fight, and gave the kingdom back to Sukreeva. Sukreevas men went on all sides of the world in search of Sita. I , hearing the words of  the Eagle , Sampathi, crossed the sea and came here.  And I found Sita here, with the same complexion, bodily marks that Rama has told me and I consider myself fortunate.”

Hearing all this Sita was surprised. She lifted her face through her hairs and saw who is it. She wondered who is talking all this there. “Might be some one from Devas or might be her mother Earth lord is talking to console her. Whoever has come despite the heavy security here should be very intelligent and should be highly trusted by Rama. He looked around and found that there is no one and all the ogre women are sleeping. When she looked up in simsubha tree, she saw a form, which had high radiance. The fact that the person speaks so compassionate, he must be obedient to others . his speaking skills indicate that he would be a great minister. Because of this my life is saved. If I continue to live, Rama will continue to live and all the living beings will be happy. he must be the son of Vayu (Lord of wind) and must have been sent by the Vanara king.”