Listening to all that Sita spoke and the words spoken by ogre women , Trijata , Hanuman was wondering what to do. “I have found Sita , the slender waisted , chaste wife of Rama. I have seen Lankas prosperity, Ravanas might. Now , its time to console Sita who is hoping that Rama will come and save her. I will definitely console Sita. else it will lead to bad things. Sita will end up giving up her life. But how will I do this in front of other Ogre women”.


He continued thinking “ What will be my response when Sita asks the words sent by Rama. I should talk in common people language. However Sita will get frightened. She will think that Ravana has come again in disguise and she will freak out. Hearing this all the ogre women will come and try to catch me. They will not be able to catch me and will get angry. Or they will fight with me. I could get killed. Even if I destroy all of them, I might not have strength to reach the other shore of the sea. If I don’t go back, who else will go and tell Rama about Sitas existence. Who else has the capability to cross the Sea with 500 Yojanas. Or the ogre women could kill Sita. Then what will I go and tell Rama. Being a spy I should not spoil the main purpose .”

“ But if I don’t go and talk to Sita, She will definitely kill herself tonight. Then what will I go and tell Rama. He will burn me with his angry eyes”

As Hanuman kept thinkinng about all these, he decided that he  will meet Sita and console her when other ogre women is not seeing. He started preparing himself as to what he should speak , so that Sita will get the confidence that he is infact sent by Rama.