Sita was depressed after hearing Ravanas words and also the words of Ogre women. She started crying .” Oh! did I not do any thing good in this world. Saints and elders say that untimely death does not come. Im experiencing extreme difficulties with no hint of happiness and I wonder how it did not get blown away into pieces , the way even a mountain would if hit by Vajrayutha (Weapon of Indira). Instead of going through all these difficulties, should I not leave my life now. But is that not a sin. We do not have the right to take our lives before time. I don’t see any hint of Rama  and Lakshmana coming and saving me. Anyways Ravana will kill me. But just to save my life, should I oblige to the desires of Ravana. But is that not a sin. the 2 months deadline that Ravana has given is going to come to an end. Im going to get destroyed the way , a ship gets destroyed in a storm in the sea”

“Hey Rama. You being the saviour of all the living beings, is it tough for you to save me. Hey Laskhmana, even if Rama is not much bothered, Sumithira(Lakshmanas Mother) told you that you should treat me like your mother. Should not you save me. Hey Sumithira! Your son has not obeyed your orders and still you are silent. Hey Kousalya! I went on exile trusting your son and he has left me. Even if all of them left me , my mother (Earth god) , atleast should have saved me. “

“Hey Rama! you are the saviour of all living beings. I keep thinking your face with radiance. Cant it save me. does not your arms have the strength to save me. Or whether this demon has killed both Rama and Lakshmana. No a normal demon cannot do any harm to them. Rama! don’t I pray the same god that you pray (Narayanan). Above all, don’t I pray you. With my Chaste , cant I burn the entire demon dynasty. However I have surrendered you and expect that you would save me. I have left all the comforts. If I even look at Ravana, I would get all types of comforts. But I did not want anything, all I expect is to see you and be with you and am lying on the ground here. Maintaining chastity is advised by elders. Whether following all these is going to go for waste. Don’t they say that these all will help one in times of distress.”

“Hey Rama! Probably after you complete the time of exile , you will go back to Ayodhya and enjoy all the comforts of a king along with beautiful women. But I’m undergoing torture here and I’m in a miserable condition. I’m losing hopes that you will come and save me. The just thing to do for me at this point of time is to commit suicide. But there is no one here to give me poison or a sword to kill myself. How will I commit suicide.”

Then she realized that she can hang herself with her long hair on a tree and commit suicide. She walked towards the Simsubha tree where Hanuman is hiding.

Sita started to think, if it is right to do so, being the wife of Rama and being the daughter in law of King Dasaradha. While she was thinking like this, she started seeing some good omens and it seemed as if everything assured her that she will be saved from this.