The Ogre women were very angry with Sita and they started threating her again. Some even thought that they would go and complain to Ravana about whatever Sita told them. As Ogre women were threatening Sita that they would eat her. Hearing all these, Trijada who was sleeping till then , woke up and shouted at all the other Ogre women that they should stop threatening Sita and behave themselves. Trijada is the daughter of Vibhishana. She told that she saw a dream and her hairs stand erect and she is totally scared.

The Ogre women asked her to describe the dream and she started

“I saw Rama and Lakshmana , coming in a white palanquin with 1000 swans and 4 tusks through the skies. They were wearing white silk and were looking elite and wore garlands. Sita was sitting in a mountain . Then Rama and Lakshmana descended from the Palanquin and ascended an Elephant and came to Sita.

Sita went to them and she ascended the elephant and sat near Rama. I saw Rama, Lakshmana, Sita in the elephant. Then Sita rose up from Ramas lap and appeared as if she embraced the Sun, moon and the starts in the sky.

Then They came in elephant to Lanka. Then I saw Lakshmana, Rama and Sita ascending the Pushpaka vimana and travelling North happily. Im very lucky to see Maha Vishnus incarnation in my dream. you are fools”

“Ravana , had oil spread all over his body, wearing Red dresses and was rolling in the floor. Then I saw him with shaved head wearing black dress falling from Pushpaka Aerial Car. then he ascended a chariot driven by donkeys and he was travelling south. Then I saw him falling down from the Donkey with fear into a mud. He was blabbering like a mad man and he went inside the mud. Then I saw a ogre women, with red dresses , body full of dirt, pulling Ravana towards South direction , by tying a rope on his neck.”

She continued – “ I saw all the other sons of Ravana in a similar situation. I also saw Kumbakarnan in a similar situation. I saw Ravana sitting on top  of a pig, Indrajit on top of a crocodile, Kumbakarnan on top of a camel  and travelling towards south direction. I saw Vibhishna decorated with White garlands, white silk dresses , with sandal spread across his body, ascended an elephant with 4 tusks “.

“ I saw the entire Lanka, being burnt down by a Vanara(Monkey) friend of Rama. I saw the towers of the buildings getting broken and getting submerged in to the sea. I saw all the ogre man, becoming mad and running for their lives in the Ashes and the surviving holes in Lanka.”

“So all of you don’t behave foolish and threaten Sita. Request her to save you all from Ramas anger. Definitely Rama will not leave his wife, the one who sacrificed all the comforts of life, and came along with him to exile. He will come in searchh of her, destroy Lanka and take her away. I see many good omens for her. She has got a non defective body. her complexion alone has come down a little due to the extreme sorrow. I see many good omens like the bird there sitting on the tree happily after going around once , telling me that She is going to get a good news soon. “

Trijada , finished telling her dream and completed her advise to he ogre women thus.



Dream Meanings :-

The following are supposed to be very auspicious dreams

1. Ascending Cow, Elephant, Bull, Palace, Mountain, trees

2. Dreaming as if we are crying or we are dying

3. When you dream of a person touching Sun or moon with the hands, that person for sure will rule a kingdom.