Sita was extremely worried and upset about her state. She wondered why she is  still alive even after being separated from Rama. Ideally she should have died by now. She told herself that “I wont touch Ravana even with my left foot. Im the wife of Rama and I will not oblige to Ravanas desires. Instead of being killed and eaten by Ogresses around, its better to kill myself”.

She continued thinking “ Why is that Rama did not find me or come to me yet. Probably he is not aware that im in Lanka. If he would have known he would have dried up the sea in between and would have blown away Lanka. Who will tell him that im here. Even Jadayu was killed by Ravana. Eventually when Rama, Lakshmana finds that im here, they will come and make this entire Lanka look like a burial ground. All these ogre women will lose their husbands. Ravana will be killed. There will be sounds of crying everywhere in Lanka. I could see omens for that. I could see fire sparks that indicate that.”

“Out of sight, means no love. But this applies only to normal man and the one who is not faithful. Rama is not like that. Probably Rama , lakshmana has thrown away their weapons and finds happiness in eating the vegetables and fruits in the forest. Or probably  I have committed sin in my previous birth and Rama has let me experience the results of that. probably there is nothing that Rama needs from me. How blessed are those Devas who get to see Rama everyday.  Or probably this Ravana has killed Rama, lakshmana by his cunningness. Else why they did not come”

“Instead of going through all these tough times, its better if someone could give me poison and I could die. Im in a pitiable state.”

She started praying Jupiter , who is the lord of emancipation and gives spiritual strength.