Hearing all the harsh words and threats made by the Ogre women, Sita was extremely threatened and started crying. She thought about being abducted by Ravana and being threatened by these demonesses and the absence of Rama and Lakshmana and was distressed. She said ,” Being a human being , and wife of Rama, do you think I can oblige to Ravanas desires. Please eat me the way you want to”. She was holding the branches of the tree and started crying . Her hairs appeared like a cobra  and she appeared like a deer being chasen by foxes and wolves.

Sita murmered the names of Lakshmana, Sumithra, Kousalya. She thought “Is it in any way tolerable to live even after being separate from Rama. Im undergoing such a tough situation in life. Is there anything more better than being able to see Rama and his majestic walk and being with him at this point. I do not know the sin that I have commited in my past life, im suffering so much. Even if I think I should leave my life now, its not right according to Shastras. One is not entitled to leave their life by themselves , and if they do so they will go to hell. What will I do”.

Hanuman saw Sitas state and was in a much distressed state.