The Demonesses continued threatening Sita “. “ Why cant you oblige to Ravana and be in his palace and sleep in the best beds and enjoy the best comforts. You are not going to be Ramas wife ever again. Rama is just a human who is chasen away from his kingdom and who has lost all his wealth and comforts”.

Sita replied , “The words spoken by you all seems to be very cruel. Even if Rama is in poverty and has lost everything, I will follow him the way Suns Rays follows Sun. I will be with Rama, the same way, Sasidevi is with Indira, Arundhadhi with Vasishtar, Rohini with the Moon,Savithri with Sathyavan, Thamayandhi with sowdhasan, Srimathi with Kabilar, Kesini with Sagaran, Thamayanthi with Nalan, Indumathi with Ajan, Lobamuthirai with Agasthyar and Suganya with Syavanar”.

The Ogre women got offended the way Sita spoke and started threatening her  with an Axe. “ We tolerated all your harsh words, because Ravana desires you. Inspite of being so courteous to you, you are not obliging to Ravana. Before your youth passes away, join Ravana and attain happiness and be in comfort” We will tear your heart apart and eat it”

An Ogre Women , Sandodari , said “Im very much interested in eating all your beautiful body parts”

Bragalai said “ Lets crush her neck and say that she passed away and lets all eat her” Ajanamugi said, “lets cut her into pieces and eat her”.

Sita was terrified and started crying. Lord Hanuman was hiding in Simsubha tree and was listening to all these and he was extremely upset.