After Ravana left, Ogre women ran to Sita and spoke with harsh tone.

“Sita , do you think Ravana is an ordinary person. He is the son of Pulastya who is one of the Prajapathis. He makes the enemies shiver in fear. He is the one with 10 heads and is considered to be very intelligent . Don’t you consider that, being his wife is a great gift”

An Ogre named Yegajadai, spoke to sita , “Pulastya is the fourth among Prajapathis. Pulastya is a son of Lord Brahma.  Viswaras is a saint, born to Pulastya out of the thought of Lord Brahma. Ravana is the son of Viswaras. You are worth of becoming the wife of Ravana with such a might. Don’t you hear my words?”

Then another Ogre named Harijadai said “you are worth of being the wife of Ravana who has defeated all 33 crore devas and Indira”

An Ogre named Pragalai said ,”Do you understand the might of Ravana. Mandothari is the head of all women and Ravana is not even bothered about her after seeing you. She is the reason for all his might and wealth and still he is not going to her .He is not interested in any other women. No one is a competition for you to be the prime wife of Ravana. “

Vigadai said “ Ravana is a person of great might and no one can equal his might. being a normal woman in earth do you compare to him in any means. Still he is requesting you. Who will get this opportunity. Does your mind work. your brain has to be burnt”

After all of them, Durmugi said” You are a fool Sita. Sun  God, Wind God everyone surrenders to him and are afraid of him. Sun does not show its might to him. It just emits warm rays on him. When he does not like, even Wind stops blowing. Irrespective of the season, whichever flower he wants, the trees starts budding those flowers. Irrespective of the rains, if he wants, the mountains start pouring water falls. Being a prime wife of such a person is a great gift in life. Don’t you understand that. if you are not obliging even after hearing his might, we will kill you right now “