Hearing Sitas tough words Ravana became very angry. He said “ Inspite of all the sweet words that a man uses to attain a woman, womans pride and carelessness increases but they don’t submit themselves to that man. My desire on you is controlling my anger. My lust is stopping me from harming you”

“Lust for human beings is a beautiful one. To whosoever it gets controlled,  friendship, affection, love is born there. That’s the reason im not killing you right away. the deadline for you is just 2 months. If you do not oblige by then, you will be cut into pieces and made a breakfast for me.” Hearing these words, the devas and kandarva women wept. some consoled Sita.

Hearing the comments made by Ravana, Sita said” you are indulging in wrong activities because of the absence of well wishers for you. No one else in all these three worlds would dare to even dream of me as their wife. After abducing me, Ramas Virtuous and chaste wife, where are you going to hide and save yourself. Rama is like elephant. you are a hare in front of him.  For all the words that you speak about Rama now, you came when he was not there in the hut and abducted me. Why is that the eyes of you that are staring me, did not fall off? Why is that your tongue did not get cut and meet the ground? Since I do not have the permission from Rama, im leaving you. Else I can burn you into ashes due to the power of my chastity. This definitely is your fate to have abducted me, so that you meet destruction and death soon”.

After speaking all these, Sita saw Ravana and he appeared like a mountain.  Ravana was extremely angry and was gasping and his eyes were red.  He saw the ogresses around Sita and instructed them .” Make her oblige to me using whatever means you can, be it love, affection, force, kind advice or threats”

At that time, a beautiful ogress name Dhanyamalini embraced Ravana and invited him to have a good time with her. she said “Why are you interested in Sita who has lost all the beauty and is not worth of it. A man who wants to make love to a woman who is not interested will not get happines. Make love to the women who desire you and you will get the maximum happiness.”

Hearing those words, Ravana thought to himself and stared at Sita once and he started walking towards his palace. All the women who came with him, went back along with him