Sita was extremely upset hearing Ravanas words. She was worried about the fact that she is separated from Rama. She shivered seeing the cruel Ravana. She kept thinking about Rama and placed a small straw in between Ravana and herself and started speaking

“Ravana, leave the desire that you have on me.  A sinner like you will not get emancipation. I was born in a great family of Videha, married to Rama and I cant even think of any other man even in my dreams. Do you think I will do that? You should treat other men wives the same way you save your wives from other men. When your wives are so affectionate to you, is it right on your part to allow lust to take over and desire of other mens wives, though it will be nice at the start, it will eventually lead to destruction of you, your family and your country”

“ Is there no saint or learned person in this country who can advice you and put you in right path.  I cant say like that , considering the fact great people like Vibhishanan, Asumbanan, Malyavan are residing here. Don’t you listen to them. Do not ignore the words of learned people and indulge in a sinful activity. You are paving way for destruction of yourself and your country”

“do you think I will be tempted by wealth and money. do you think is there anything more enticing than being the wife of Rama. Rama is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Wherever Vishnu is , lakshmi resides there. I have used Ramas shoulder as a pillow and have slept, do you think I will accept to sleep on your shoulders? ”

“Ravana, even a thief needs a place on earth to continue his theft. If you want a small place in this earth, apologise to Rama, and surrender to him. He will pardon you and leave you alive. If you feel that dying is better than surrendering then no one can change your fate. Do you think, Rama will kill you easily? He will kill your entire family, your brothers , your people in front of you then kill you in a tortured manner. You could have won over Indira and devas but you are no match to Raghava (Rama). The bow will make the sound of a thunder and the arrows of Rama and Lakshmana will spray on the lanka without leaving any space and kill all ogres”

“ Rama will come and kill you and take me with him. you behaved cheaply, by coming and abducting me when Rama and Lakshmana were not there. You think you can survive after being spotted by them. You can go and hide anywhere. Rama will come and kill you.”