Ravana opined that Sita should oblige to him and forget Rama. Sita is of high virtues who can burn all the worlds because of her chaste

Ravan said “ You are with thighs similar to the trunk of an elephant. On seeing me you are covering your breasts and stomach to hide away from me. O! beauty, you have got bodily excellences that will attract all living beings. I love you. I desire you. Respect me. There is no one here who is capable of scaring you . Abducting other women is a norm for demons/Ogress. Though there is a lot of desire inside me, I wont touch you till you oblige. Do not give way to sorrows and spoil your health”

“It does not fit you, to wear dirty clothes, sleep on the floor, fasting at all times, not wearing jewels etc., Accept me as your husband and enjoy all the comforts. decorate yourself with the best of the ornaments and dresses. Enjoy the best music, dances and liquor. your youth is passing away like a water in a river. It will not come back. Attain me before it passes away”

“I think, Brahma after creating you,decided that he cant create a more beautiful living being and left the job of creation . You cannot doubt even if Brahma has fantasies on you. You have a face equivalent to that of a full moon. Wherever my eyes fall on your body it gets fixated there. Sita, accept me as your husband. Leave aside this foolishness.  Be the head of all those beautiful women that I have brought here. Be the queen of everything that belongs to me. Be the queen of me. I will win over this entire world and give it to your father King Janaka.”

“ There is no one in all 3 worlds, equivalent to my might. I have won over Devas , Asuras and I have broken their flags. No one can stand against me. Understand this. Go decorate yourself and oblige to my desires. Be the queen. make me happy.. make your relatives happy. donate all that you want to anyone without any fear. Behave in whatever way you want without any fear.”

“What are you going to do waiting for Rama. I don’t even know if Rama is alive. What are you going to do , roaming around with him in forests, wearing tatters, living an austere life. He has lost his fortune. Lakshmi is not in his side’”

“O Sita. you have stolen my heart like a Garuda holding a serpant. you have beautiful teeth, beautiful smile, beautiful body. Come and oblige to my desire. Be a queen. Wear all the ornaments. decorate yourself with the most precious gemstones, clothes. all the women will be your servants. They will serve you . Is there anything equivalent to my might in this world. Play around the gardens . be the way you want to be. be happy with your relatives. Donate things to your relatives , whatever you want to.  enjoy your life with me on the shores of the Sea, filled with groups of flowered trees surrounded by bees”