As Hanuman kept thinking , it became early morning. Ravana was woken up by sweet music . He remembered Sita. He could not control his urge. he wanted to see her. He got up and got himself prepared. He was wearing very good jewels and precious stones. He started walking towards Ashoka Garden.

Ravana was followed by a group of women. They were holding golden deepas,  Chowries, Plamyra leaf fans, water in golden vessels, Cushions etc., One was holding liquor and another was holding a white umbrella that was shining like a moon. All these women were drawn to him by love and lust.

Ravana was very proud of himself and walked slowly towards Sitas place. Hanuman saw Ravana and he admired the brilliance. Ravana  looked shining . Hanuman Saw Ravana walking , with his desire to see Sita. Hanuman hid behind the leaves of the tree.