Moon rose above and spread its white light everywhere. It appeared like a swan in blue waters. It was cool and it made Hanuman comfortable.

Hanuman saw Sita in the moonlight . He observed that she has a very beautiful moon like face and was looking frightened like a deer. Since she did not have bath, she looked tired and dirty and she was wearing the old clothes.

He saw cruel Ogresses around her. There were different types of ogresses around her. One with one eye, another with one ear, he saw one with big ears covering the entire head, saw one with no Nose, one with big nose, one with nose in her chin. He saw one with yellow eyes, saw woman with misaligned facial features or missing features. He saw woman with fat body, stomach, out grown bodily features that were scary. He saw ogresses with the face shape of different animals and feet shape of different animals. It was a scarier environment.

Amidst these ogresses, Sita was sitting with tears in her eyes. She is full of sorrow . Hanuman felt worried seeing her

Meanwhile, He thanked and prayed Rama , Lakshmana for the opportunity of seeing Sita, someone with such high virtues and Chaste.

Hanuman became happy that he has found sita and he remained hidden near the tree.