Hanuman thought about Rama and sita and their plight and felt worried. He thought to himself that if this is the plight of the mighty Lakshmanas Sister in  law then, the fate is the biggest decider. No one can win over the fate. He had tears in his eyes. Rama and Sita with the highest of virtues, of same age are made for each other.

Seeing Sita who looked like made of newly melted Gold, giving happiness to all the living beings in the world, equivalent to that of Godess Lakshmi, Hanuman said ,” Rama, for the sake of her, you have destroyed some of the most cruel Demons,like Kabandan, Vali, Karan, Thooshan,Thrisiras. I have crossed the sea to The Lanka for her. Even if Rama, has to turn the entire world upside down for the sake of her, its worth it. If you compare the two –  being the king of all three worlds or having Sita (Janaki) with you, three worlds do not even equal to 1/16 th part of Sita. When Janaka King , ploughed the ground, Sita came like a lotus from the ground. She is the daughter of the Earth Godess (Booma Devi) and She is the daughter of King Janaka, follower of the highest virtues and customs. She is the first daughter in law of the great Emperor Dasaratha. She is the wife of Rama. Just for the affection she had on her husband Rama, she left all the worldly comforts and travelled to the forest along with Rama and Lakshmana. She started to enjoy being with the animals, enjoying the wild habitat, the fruits and vegetables in the forest, even though she was brought up in a kings palace in the most comfortable environment. Rama has to see her, a wife with such a high virtue and chaste. She lives with the hopes that Rama will definitely come here and take her with him. If the good and bad come alternatively in life its tolerable. But for Sita , only bad things are happening. How would she feel. If she knows when she would be joining her husband Rama, she could tolerate all this. But she does not know. She must be going through a tough phase. She is being guarded by the cruel demonesses. She is wearing dirty dress , the same one she wore on the day Ravana, abducted her. She does not have any of the ornaments on her that would make a woman look more beautiful . She has become lean and she looks like a lotus which has gotten dry in the winter season in dense snow.

Even the beautiful moon that is rising with 1000 rays gives sorrowness to Sita.”

After thinking all this, Hanuman concluded that this is sita, and sat on the floor worried, with his back on the tree.