As hanuman was in Ashoka garden and he was seeing around the thick and dense trees, the flowers, the pattern of creepers and how they make the trees grow low, he saw a temple that was almost touching the sky. It had Gold steps decorated by ivory and gem stones. Near that he saw a big palace. Near that he  saw a simsubha tree and there he saw a woman surrounded by Demonesses. He saw that the women looked dull, lean and could see tears in her eyes. Her dresses were crumpled and looked dirty. It appeared that she looked very sad. Hanuman thought that it could be sita and he told himself that only after observing the woman more he could confirm that it is Sita.

He saw Sita and he observed that she had wonderful eyes like lotus petals, face like a beautiful full moon, eyebrows beautiful like that of Manmandhans Bow, looked like a godess with black hairs, small and firm waist, with a radiance glowing around her, sitting in the bare ground living an austere life.

He saw her jewels being strewn everywhere near her. She looked very sad having been separated from Rama and she appeared to be in fear and kept thinking about when he would come and rescue her. However , she is like the wife of Serpent god, that no one can go near her. She had the radiance to burn down the whole world.

Seeing all this he decided that it is Sita , the wife of Rama. He thought that Rama keeps thinking about Sita and here Sita keeps thinking about Rama and that’s what has kept both of the them alive. He remembered the sorrow of Lord Rama and the worries that he is going through. He realised that it makes sense why Rama is so worried , having lost his vicious and noble wife Sita to Ravana.

Hanuman thus became happy seeing Sita and thought about Rama and Praised the Lord

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