Hanuman, decided to enter the Ashoka Garden. He climbed up the walls surrounding the garden. Standing on the wall , he had a view of the garden. He was excited in seeing such a beautiful view. It had some beautiful trees like Sal, Ashoka, Champak, Mango. Then he jumped into the garden as if he was an arrow from a bow. He saw animals like deer, birds like cuckoo. All the trees were beautiful with flowers and fruits. As he walked inside, the birds and animals were awakened. The flowers were strewn on the ground and on him. Hanuman covered with flowers, looked like a mountain covered completely with flowers. Trees lost their flowers and fruits as Hanuman shook them hard. It appeared like a youthful lady , coming out with spread out Tilak, nail and bite marks on her body, lips and teeth being drank from after intense copulation.

As he moved into the garden, he saw flowers, golden tiles decorating floors, gems and ivory were laid as steps for small ponds covered with lotus flowers. He saw a small hill in a distance. He saw a beautiful water fall on it , which was coming with full force and the water getting sprayed everywhere.

As he saw such a beautiful place, he thought that there is a very good possibility that Sita devi is here. Sita likes to be in such a garden and she is a great ornament for the garden. Sita , being worried of separated from Rama, could be in this place. he saw a water stream and thought , Sita might come here to this Water stream during Morning or Night to drink water from and to take bath. He decided if Sita is in this garden, she would definitely come to this stream and he decided to wait there. he climbed up a tree and hid himself behind the leaves and waited for Sitas arrival .