Hanuman re-energized himself and he decided not  to lose heart and continued his search for Sita. He Climbed the walls of the fort which were decorated by blue sapphire. He thought ‘ As per the command of Rama, i have searched Sita everywhere in Lanka. I could not find her. The King of eagles Sampathi had earlier mentioned that Sita is in lanka in the house of Ravana. However seems it is not true. What would have happened to her”
He started fearing the worst that could have happened to Sita. Sita is not a normal woman. She is the daughter of King of Videhi, Janaka. She would not have allowed Ravana to reach her.

He wondered if Sita would have jumped in the sea and committed suicide. He thought if Ravana would have eaten her , because she did not oblige to his will and desires. He also thought if one of Ravanas cruel wives would have eaten her or probably she would have hung herself and committed suicide.

Or probably she is imprisoned somewhere and is like a caged parrot waiting for Rama to rescue her. He was confused . he thought “I cannot go back and tell Rama that I could not find Sita. at the same time i cannot avoid telling the truth too. ”
He wondered what will everyone think if he goes with a news that Sita is not found. He told himself that he will not go back till he finds Sita. He will not commit suicide . He will be hopeful and search sita.

As he was thinking like this, he saw Ashoka garden in the distance. He prayed towards all directions, prayed sukreeva, prayed Rama, prayed indira, prayed all the gods, prayed the wind god to give him success and he prepared to enter the  ashoka garden.