Amidst the palaces of the Ravana and other demons, Hanuman found the most beautiful aerial car. It was made of Gold and decorated with the most precious gemstones and diamonds. This was built by the Great architect, Vishwakarma , himself. It is believed that Vishwakarma, after finishing this Aerial Car, announced, “this would be the most beautiful one of all those that I have created”.

It was floating in the air, rather than being on the ground. It is capable of travelling at high speeds in the sky without any obstacles and giving complete comfort to all those who are travelling in it. Some of the special functions it had were not found even in the Aerial Cars of Devas.

In the Previous birth, Ravana , was in a penance  for 16,000 years and got this after winning over the Wealth God Kuberan.

It had best food items, the decorations of Spring season, flowers, flower trees, statue of Godess Lakshmi, scriptures of different demon faces,  scriptures of different animals, birds and decorated with cats-eye, gemstones, diamonds and Ruby.

Lord Hanuman , was in awe seeing such a wonderful creation and he was surprised.